The grand opening of M.Micallef promo-zone in Central Department Store!

November 20, 2017

The owner of the brand of French selective perfumery Martin Micallef specially arrived in Moscow and took part in a beautiful evening dedicated to the presentation of unique flavors and the opening of the colorful and stylish promo-zone M.Micallef, which was produced by Vitrina A in its own production.

During the event, the autograph session of the owner of the brand was organized, the performance of artists, Dj and musicians.
All guests were offered to enjoy the aromas of M.Micallef with a glass of sparkling champagne.
According to the Director General of Vitrina A, Victoria Popylkova:
"In May we opened the brand-corner, and now the promo-zone. And again the beautiful Martin Micallef in Moscow. I was glad to see her and talk to her. Everything is stably healthy and very positive! I invite everyone to the Central Department Store! Perfume Micallef - a great gift for every occasion of life! "

Recall that for convenience of work with customers, "Vitrina A" offered three mobile stands with showcases, which can be located linearly or perimeter, depending on the area of ​​the retail space. At each stand potential customers can get acquainted with the new products of the brand. The whole ruler is located in the shelves and on the surface of the structure, additionally illuminated by illumination.
It is worth emphasizing that the general color scheme and a special recreation area attracts customers: here you can calmly and leisurely pick up those very spirits, the magic fragrance of each fragrance is enclosed in a magnificent golden bottle decorated with colored Swarovski crystals.

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