"Vitrina A" took part in the Best Cases Conference in conjunction with a representative of Roscachestvo

April 17, 2017

On April 18, Vitrina A took part in the Best Case Conference. General Director of Vitrina A- Viktoria Popylkova together with Denis Kolesnikov presented the "Smart Stand" in the Billa chain. This project is a bright illustration of a new product from Vitrina A - Smart POSM in action. Now our clients will have all the necessary information about the target audience, traffic, interested visitors, time spent at the stand. We provide a full range of analytics, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of any marketing activity at points of sale. Because of the speech, the speakers asked many questions, which reflects the high interest in the new product. Vitrina A integrates POSM with innovative technologies and makes retail the sphere of only smart solutions. We believe that the future is for efficiency, understandable and transparent. We also thank AKAR for the invitation and the opportunity to address our client for cooperation and trust!

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