The stand of the company "Vitrina A" received a prize from the organizers "Design and Advertising".

April 13, 2017

"Vitrina A" developed the design and completely produced an exhibition stand with the purpose of acquainting the visitors of the exhibition "Design and Advertising 2017" with the latest technological developments of the company - a global integrator of marketing services at points of sale. The task was achieved due to non-standard application of such technologies as artificial intelligence, biometrics, neural networks and big data, oriented to building personal communication with the consumer. The SMART POSM technology introduced by the company allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of any marketing activity simply and very quickly. Technology digitizes the total flow of visitors, recognizes them by sex, age groups, the number of visits, the time spent at the stand and determines their emotions. The information obtained gives a real picture of the target audience, its behavior at the points of sale and allows you to receive data about any outlet in the online mode. In addition, with the help of their mobile phone, visitors could choose and order their coffee at the stand with the help of our product Vitrina Intouch Bar. For 4 days of the exhibition 2400 people visited the stand. Data on the number of visits and sex-age characteristics of visitors were displayed on the stand in real time. The number of visitors' photos on the stand background in social networks is more than 1000. This work has already received a prize from the organizers as the most innovative stand of the exhibition "Design and Advertising".

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