The General Director of "Vitrina A" held a master class in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

April 23, 2017

Victoria Popylkova told to students of the 3rd course of the Department of Advertising and Business Communications about the most effective integrator solutions in the field of communication at points of sale. The students learned how projects of any scale and complexity are being implemented, changing the modern look of retail, using solutions that were yesterday considered impossible in accordance with the latest global trends. Also, Victoria described how creative concepts and mechanics are created that combine the tremendous technological capabilities of Vitrina A; How new technologies are developed and implemented in the retail formats customary for customers, how exclusive products and solutions make it possible to make retail the sphere of intelligent POSM, personify personally with each buyer. Victoria also spoke about VITRINA SMART POSM At the lecture - a high-tech service for collecting analytical information about consumers and their behavior at points of sale with the possibility of building personal communication with each client; On how to create limitless opportunities for content management at points of sale.

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