• Founded in 1994 and is one of the creators of the Russian POSM market

  • Included in the TOP-20 leading companies in the field of visual marketing communications and occupies one of the highest positions in perception among advertisers

  • Implemented more than 10,000 projects with more than 70 companies from the TOP-10 in their industries

  • Member of the leading Russian and international marketing associations: GIC, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR), co-founder and member of the marketing association in retail POPAI Russia, the advertising guild of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)

  • Since 2002, it has exclusively represented Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS in the Global Instore Communication

  • Our unique competitive advantage is the highest level of expertise in the field of communication at points of sales, which allows us to create the most effective solutions for each project


1994 year (December 8) - founded Vitrina A

1996 year - Vitrina A is one of the world's eight trusted suppliers of Coca-Cola

2002 year – The company entered the Global Instruction Communication (GIC), where it represents Russia so far

2002 year – Investment agreement with EBRD and Norum Fund signed

2008 year – Successful completion of the investment program with EBRD and Norum Fund

2009 year – Implementation of the anti-crisis strategy, which includes business restructuring, a decrease in the share of own production, a new investment strategy, the launch of new products for key clients of the company

2012 year – Approval of the company's innovative development strategy by the shareholders

2013-2015 years – Implementation of the development strategy. There are four main areas of the company's activity: Vitrina Display, Vitrina Connect, Vitrina Digital, Vitrina Creative.

Today Vitrina A offers a full range of services covering all possible communications with the customer at points of sale




Taking into account the interests of all participants of marketing communications and, proceeding from this, creating optimal solutions for our customers, making the world a better place

The main principle of our work with clients is the long-term relationship.

We go ahead and build work in the framework of a "proactive" approach, based on a deep understanding of the tasks of our clients



The Vitrina Display division is its own production site in Moscow, where it creates trade equipment, displays, island areas, various shelf structures and other trade formats in accordance with the latest world trends. We realize turnkey projects of any scale and complexity, including design development, logistics, installation and full service. We create a modern look of retail, using both classic solutions and those that were considered impossible yesterday!


Vitrina Connect is a global platform that provides endless opportunities for content management at sales points, as well as for collecting information about your customer, including comprehensive analytics for collecting, storing and transferring data to your customers, visitors and merchandisers.
For use in the production environment, the Vitrina Connect service can be used to perform a range of tasks in the formation of a corporate culture, communications and employee training.




Modern consumers are no longer surprised by the bright signs and tempting slogans in the stores. Their attention needs to be won. The subdivision of Vitrina Digital is engaged in the development and introduction of new technologies in the retail formats customary for customers. Our exclusive products and solutions allow us to make retail a sphere of intelligent POSM, personalized to communicate with each customer, to study his needs and proactively form appropriate proposals for him.




Based on your wishes and ideas, we offer creative concepts and mechanics that combine the enormous technological capabilities of our company. Here, the development of a communication strategy with the subsequent formation of the creative part and the development of all necessary design layouts for all types of promotions.



Заголовок сайта

Consumer - retailer - brand - communication according to new rules

Today, we are witnessing large-scale changes in the interaction of brands, retail outlets and consumers. The development of mobile technologies and the deepening of their penetration into the everyday life of each of us leads to the fact that, on the one hand, the boundaries between offline and online worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, and on the other - our lives are becoming more open, and therefore honest.


Thanks to our smartphones, wide coverage of wi-fi and high speed of access to the Internet, we are usually online, while continuing to live offline. At the same time, the active use of social networks and mobile applications leads to the fact that any of our actions become as transparent as possible to others. And this is true both for communication with friends or business partners and the entertainment industry, and for shopping.


These processes have already led to the emergence of buyers of a fundamentally new type who want to be communicated with them at the same level of openness and honesty as they themselves adhere to. By establishing contact with this new consumer, showing respect for his needs and giving him something that brings him pleasure, brand companies and retailers make giant steps forward in terms of gaining additional benefits. Leading global brands and retailers are already aware of these opportunities, which means that in the next 5-7 years there will be a global change in the communications of the brand, retailer and consumer.


From a smart buyer...


Observations of consumers in Europe, the United States and Russia revealed a rapidly growing group of so-called smart-shoppers - buyers with a high need for searching, exchanging and comparing information on the goods and services available to them. Despite the fact that analysts call different shares of such consumers, their highest and growing activity in social media speaks for itself.

Consumers of this group do not just search the Internet for the best price offers. They use social networks and various mobile applications to record their preferences and purchases in on-time mode, interact with brands that reflect their values, and express their loyalty. Unchanged is only one thing - the pleasure that these consumers experience from making purchases in offline outlets, not counting, of course, socialization, including online.


The combination of the pleasure of traditional shopping and the active use of mobile technologies to make a reasonable choice is the main difference between smart-customers. This group is growing and is beginning to change the laws of the market.


The main values of smart-shoppers are honesty and openness on the part of the brand and the seller, respect for oneself and the opportunity to receive personalized online offers in the process of making purchases offline. For these consumers, the boundary between Internet and real shopping has already disappeared, and they are waiting for brands and retail to switch to their rules of the game.


Moreover, the world's largest players are already aware of this need and are ready to invest in the opportunities to be as open and honest as possible. Proof is the investment "boom" that has arisen in recent years in the field of projects aimed at smart buyers and analysis of their needs.

So, back in 2011, a deal was made on the purchase of eBay company Where - developer of geolocation applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Among the products of Where - a number of mobile applications, including the service of collective discounts. Brand companies could place ads that were shown only to those customers who were nearby. And after a year eBay launched a mobile product testing, which allows them to find the best offers depending on their location and to study the goods presented in nearby stores.


In the same 2011, allocated more than $ 300 million to purchase the Radian6 service, which provides companies with the ability to monitor social networks, blogs and forums in real time. Oracle quickly responded with the purchase of Vitrue, which ensures the distribution of promotional messages through the same social networks.


Companies are ready to fight for the opportunity to be as open as possible with their customers and provide them with optimal price offers and information about their products and services through mobile communication channels. And this trend will only increase.


... to smart sellers and sales

Communicate with each customer individually, offering him exactly those goods and services that meet his needs here and now, provide the right information directly at the time of making a purchasing decision ... At first glance, it might seem that such level of interaction with the consumer in an offline retail outlet is still Unattainable. In fact, brand companies and retail already have all the necessary resources for this.


 First, the world's largest brand companies already have a sufficient knowledge base about their customers. The level of CRM today is high. Secondly, the mechanics of observation and analysis of consumer behavior are also highly developed and, equally importantly, the technologies of face recognition, counting the number of customers at each outlet, and others have become familiar. Thirdly, the system of providing consumers with the opportunity to compare information about different goods of the same group, choose the best price offer or the most suitable accompanying product at the time of purchasing decision is already formed and functions perfectly in the field of e-commerce.


The next step is the integration of these opportunities, which will lead to the emergence of brand-retailer-consumer interaction to a new level.


The future begins today

How do I see this interaction in 5-7 years? At the forefront now is the Consumer, namely his Entity at the time of the decision to purchase. Its values, preferences, purchase history, affiliation and connections with certain social groups, even the mood now - this will become the basis for personal offers from brand companies and retailers.


Applications on smartphones or other smart gadgets will be the main channel for the translation of these offers and any other useful information about products or services that he can get in on-time mode directly at the time of the decision. Running such an application at the entrance to the shopping center or "shop near the house" will become a kind of "door" into a personal "room", which the consumer can open for brand companies and their proposals, if he wants.


Digital solutions that allow access to mobile applications of customers, send relevant information and track customer response, will replace the traditional P.O.S.M.-materials. In addition, their important component will be the opportunity to form a broad spectrum of "on-time" analysts for brand companies and retailers based on the collected data, which will at times improve the efficiency of sales management.


Moreover, the markets already know examples of the first steps in this direction. In 2010, Sapient Nitro developed and launched the Ionos platform module for airports, providing passengers with a wide range of useful information, including flight data, maps, as well as special offers from the outlets located at the airport. Last year, Marks & Spencer announced the introduction of interactive sales consultants. The new technology allows you to recognize the garments that the buyer takes in the fitting room, after which the special mirrors are displayed tips for creating your own style and the ability to purchase additional accessories.


Tesco, Target and other world companies already have similar projects in terms of direction, and every year they become more and more. Therefore, the future is really just a step away from us. Making these decisions more widely and translating them into everyday practice, it is possible without exaggeration to make a revolution in the consumer market.

Advantages for each of the parties are obvious


The consumer, while enjoying offline shopping, gets all the benefits of online trading, including profitable price offers, individual tips and the ability to choose from the products of those brands that are close and interesting to him.

Brand companies strengthen customer loyalty; get the widest range of analytics of buyers' behavior and the ability to react instantly to falling demand categories of goods.

Retailers, on the one hand, increase their attractiveness in the eyes of smart consumers, offering them what they value most: shopping pleasure, a personalized approach and the fullest possible information about products. On the other hand, they gain access to analytical reports, managing interaction with consumers and with brands.

The most progressive branded companies and retailers have already begun to move towards openness, which means honesty, launching both interactive activities for their consumers and their own mobile solutions. Well, the actual process of completing the integration of mobile technologies of interaction with consumers and solutions for collecting and analyzing data about their preferences and values, including immediate ones, is a matter of the near future, which means that in 5-7 years the consumer goods market will live on these new laws: openness and honesty.

Manifesto. Vadim Kulikov,

Engineer, academician of the RAR,

Founder of the company "Vitrina A"



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