April 14, 2016

On April 12-15, 22 exhibitions "Design and Advertising" took place in Moscow, within the framework of which the POPAI AWARDS 2016 competition was held. Vitrina A acted as an official partner of the contest and presented a number of projects. One of them is the unique project "Tree of Meanings" - the opening of the flagship store IQOS in the shopping center "Afimol City".
The filling of the store is a combination of the most diverse technologies: interactive racks and wall panels, video walls and the central figure - "Tree". This is a unique 3 meter high construction, consisting of 12 metal branches and 120 petals-screens. All the screens of "Tree" are synchronized with each other and broadcast a single content. In total, the store has 140 broadcasting points. This project was awarded the 1st place in the Digital!
We were also the only company that introduced Smart POSM. This is the Adrenalin Rush display, which was designed for the Concept nomination. It was equipped with the most advanced technology. So, we online built analytical reports on the flow and interested visitors, the frequency of their visits, the time spent on the stand, sex and age. Demonstrated a heat map that determines the location of high terrain and "dead" zones, which is very important for brand companies when renting retail space. On the display were located touch-screen monitors. As the visitor approached, the brand's video changed to an invitation to participate in the lottery. In case of consent, the client left his contact information.
Our «Smart POSM» provides all the data necessary for the evaluation of promotional companies at the point of sale! And these are ready solutions! Based on the results of Smart POSM, Adrenalin Rush won 3rd place in its nomination from 17 submitted works!
Vitrina A received awards in other categories. Almost all our works won prizes!
information: http://www.retail-loyalty.org/news/nazvany-pobediteli-prizery-ezhegodnogo-konkursa-popai-russia-awards-2016/

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