General Director of the company "Vitrina A", Viktoria Popylkova, was awarded the prize Lady Universe-2017!

November 30, 2017

Viktoria Popylkova was nominated for this award: as the company's CEO, she perfectly combines work, family and social life.
Victoria was solemnly awarded with a statuette of Lady Universe -2017, and also presented a fascinating crown and ribbon!
A significant event gathered many distinguished guests, among them were: Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma Konstantin Cheremisov, TV presenter VGTRK Maria Sittel, TV presenter and actress Iana Poplavskaya, TV host Alexander Derzhavin, actor and public figure Gosha Kutsenko, Yuri Rozum and many others.

According to Viktoria Popylkova: "I am very happy and happy! Thanks to the organizers of Lady Universe-2017, in particular, Capitolina Berngold, for the wonderful award! I'm glad to introduce my company Vitrina A-a global integrator of marketing communications at points of sale. Our company exclusively represents Russia and the CIS countries in the Global Partnership of POSM-manufacturers GIC in 20 countries of the world. We are glad that we are moving forward! Thank you for applause and for your smile! ".

The grand opening of M.Micallef promo-zone in Central Department Store

November 20, 2017

The owner of the brand of French selective perfumery Martin Micallef specially arrived in Moscow and took part in a beautiful evening dedicated to the presentation of unique flavors and the opening of the colorful and stylish promo-zone M.Micallef, which was produced by Vitrina A in its own production.
During the event, the autograph session of the owner of the brand was organized, the performance of artists, Dj and musicians.
All guests were offered to enjoy the aromas of M.Micallef with a glass of sparkling champagne.

According to the Director General of Vitrina A, Viktoria Popylkova:
"In May we opened the brand-corner, and now the promo-zone. And again the beautiful Martin Micallef in Moscow. I was glad to see her and talk to her. Everything is stably healthy and very positive! I invite everyone to the Central Department Store! Perfume Micallef - a great gift for every occasion of life! "
Recall that for convenience of work with customers, "Vitrina A" offered three mobile stands with showcases, which can be located linearly or perimeter, depending on the area of ​​the retail space. At each stand potential customers can get acquainted with the new products of the brand. The whole ruler is located in the shelves and on the surface of the structure, additionally illuminated by illumination.

Gift sets "FRUCTIS" from "Vitrina A"!

November 08, 2017

The company "Vitrina A" manufactured gift boxes for the launch of the updated line of shampoos "Fructis". 🏷 "Vitrina A" prepared the original design of a line of shampoos and other interesting gifts for the French company, the leader of the world market of cosmetics and perfumery, the company L'Oreal, the brand Garnier Fructis. As a result of the joint work, in the own production of "Vitrina A", stylish sleigh kit sets of compact and capacious boxes made of wood for the production of the customer company were manufactured. The modern and comfortable boxes in a natural style with pleasant fillings inside, suitable for the Garnier Fructis brand, have turned out. "Vitrina A" - we are always happy to help make the presentation of the new product in an original and memorable form!

"Vitrina A" - New office-welcome party! 🎉🎈🎉

October 15, 2017

During the corporate holiday, the company's General Director, Viktoria Popylkova, held a short excursion to the new office: "It's much more comfortable to work here. The office was very bright, spacious and beautiful. Moreover, the expansion of the team was the most important factor for the move. " Discussion of working issues in an informal atmosphere even more united the team: toasts, congratulations, wishes, team play!

"At the moment, Vitrina A has high quality standards, attractive working conditions, competitiveness, and also offers international opportunities for career growth. We have a clear vision of the mission and strategy for the further development of the company, therefore we reliably occupy one of the leading places in our industry. " said Viktoria Popylkova.

On 7 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2017 was held the most ambitious event of the Herbalife company for Independent Partners of the Russian-speaking market in Minsk

September 18, 2017

About 11,000 people gathered at the event this year. The company Herbalife presented its partners with a Web platform for the development of business on the Internet with the help of VR technologies. Visitors to the stand tried on their glasses and plunged into virtual reality with different locations. Special glasses have the function of adjusting the definition and size for the comfort of visitors. Virtual reality is the trend of 2017. Thanks to the company Vitrina A, the visitors of this event were able to plunge into the atmosphere of the future and experience a storm of bright emotions and impressions! To see photos and videos from a bright event, please visit the official account of HerbalifeInstagram @herbalife_rsm.

Business program of NARCI within the framework of the exhibition "ADVERTISING 2017". How to choose the right supplier?

September 25, 2017

The first day of the business program of NARCI in the framework of Advertising 2017 continues with a panel for advertisers on the topic of choosing a supplier. - How is the process of searching for suppliers? - How to analyze potential suppliers? - How to evaluate the results of work? These questions are answered by Viktoria Popylkova (Vitrina A), Alexey Kovalev (Revolution) and Alexey Viazovtsev (Alter Ego Promotion) The Vitrina A company brings gratitude to NARCI for the opportunity to participate in the high-level discussion panel!

The General Director of Vitrina A will speak at the RAMU seminar and in the business program of NARCI within the framework of the ADVERTISEMENT 2017!

September 17, 2017

Today Digital is one of the most effective channels of communication, however its use will be most profitable only with a competent approach, correct operation of tools and understanding of insides. In this regard, the executive management of RAMU organizes a seminar on October 4, where speakers will tell: how to use digital tools, what interactive solutions exist, what digital services to contact. General theme: Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through the use of digital tools. Main theses: • Consolidation on-line and off-line in the media industry. • Digital as support. • Effective use of technologies in marketing. • Exchange of experiences and ideas. Speakers will include: Viktoria Popylkova - General Director of the company "Vitrina A" Olga Koroleva Executive Director Ace Target and Dmitry Chidirov CEO of Electronic Money Marina Shichkina general manager of APM The composition of the speakers will be updated. Viktoria will also participate as a speaker in the business program of NARCI within the framework of the ADVERTISEMENT 2017. The program will be held on September 26 in the conference hall of NARSI in the Expocenter. The theme of the speech will be "Efficiency of Digital Solutions and their impact on sales". We invite you to participate in these events! All detailed information on the site RAMU!

The design of the company Vitrina A was chosen to update the network of wine shops and wine bars –SimpleWine!

August 14, 2017

The wine chain Grand Cru, owned by the wine distributor Simple, rebranded the network of stores under the new name SimpleWine.

The company Vitrina A won the tender, which allowed the signs of the network to be issued in two cities.

The designers of the company prepared the best project for the customer's brand. The color scale of the brand corresponded to the corporate style of the wine boutiques: a combination of dark red, gray and white. Signs harmoniously fit into the interior, look good against the background of signs of competitors. Glowing letters with a contrasting suspension attract maximum attention from visitors. Employees of the company Vitrina A quickly carried out their work, demonstrating a high level of quality.

The rebranding of the network of wine and wine bars SimpleWine in Moscow was implemented in 17 locations and in St. Petersburg in two.

Vitrina A - we offer the best solutions, save your time and do our job!

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