What is a career in Vitrina A?

  •  The Growth and unlimited opportunities - we have examples of stunning success

  •  Chance to work with professionals who created The market of POSmaterials in Russia and the CIS, to continue their business, and, It is possible to determine the course and direction of its development.

  •  The opportunity to achieve a higher recognition of their successes - To become a co-owner of a company


For whom? 

  •  For people who are not indifferent

  •  For beginners

  •  For experienced professionals

  •  For those who achieve outstanding results and strive for more


Who we need?

  • Professionals are single-minded and focused To the highest results

  • Innovators - bright and eager to change the world

  • Open for communication - enjoying work with different people. Different nationalities. Different cultures. Different views of the world

  • Confident, but able to listen to others. Initiative and responsible, but trusting colleagues

  • Everyone who aspires to non-trivial tasks and self-realization. Assesses the opportunities for learning and development above any compensation

Who we are?


Vitrina A is a trusted name.

Professionals breaking stereotypes and setting new rules, striving to be the best in everything.

Encouraging others to follow our example.

Independent and thinking people.


What we have to do?


The Success. A unique corporate culture.

Team spirit. Common values that unite us. Thanks to them we are more than the sum of bright individuals.

What do we offer?

  • Go forward together.

  • Share with us the success.

  • To treat business as an art.​



If you want to join the team Vitrina A,

send your resume by email:

Открытые вакансии​:

  • Секретарь/Офис менеджер

  • PR менеджер

  • Дизайнер

  • Конструктор